"Evolving Lean Construction – Towards Mature Production Management across Cultures and Frontiers"
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Registration/ attendance for any events of the Conference implicitly assumes complete acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of IGLC 2018:

1) Each attendee grants the organizers and anyone working on their behalf permission to video record and/or photograph the attendee and, if a presenter, his/her presentation or poster at the conference, and to publish the photos or videos on the conference YouTube channel and/or on the conference social media pages, during and after the conference. Attendees who wish to withdraw consent in this regard, can do so by signing the permission rescind form for video/photo publication permission at the time of collecting the registration material at the registration desk of the conference.

2) Each attendee who is also an author of one or more papers/ posters accepted for the conference proceedings agrees to
a.   Sign one Copyright Agreement Form for each paper/ poster (available under Submissions page) to be published as part of the Conference, and acknowledge that any paper or poster for which none of the authors have signed a copyright transfer form will not be published in the conference publications, nor will it be included in the conference schedule for presentation.
b.  Undertake to ensure that at least one full conference registration is paid for every two papers/posters on which the attendee is listed as an author that are to be published and/or presented.

IGLC 2018 - Chart of Registration Fees for various Categories and Timelines,
Printed Proceedings & Accompanying Person Packages

NOTE: In view of limited seats for Workshop day, First come, First served principle may apply for Registrations.

[All amounts are in INR (Indian Rupees)];
Please Add GST (Indian Goods & Services Tax) at 18%
S.NO Sub-Category Timeline
only workshop day Only Industry day Only Conference (3days) Workshop Day + Industry day Workshop Day + Conference Industry Day + Conference All Days
International Registrants (non-Indian-Residents) (paying in currency other than INR)
(A) Regular Very Early Bird (upto 28th Feb 2018) 12,000 14,500 38,000 25,175 47,500 49,875 58,050
Early Bird (Upto 31st May 2018) 13,500 16,000 43,000 28,025 53,675 56,050 65,250
Regular (after 31st May 2018) 15,000 18,000 48,000 31,350 59,850 62,700 72,900
(B) Students Very Early Bird (upto 28th Feb 2018) 7,200 8,700 22,800 15,105 28,500 29,925 34,830
Early Bird (Upto 31st May 2018) 8,100 9,600 25,800 16,815 32,205 33,630 39,150
Regular (after 31st May 2018) 9,000 10,800 28,800 18,810 35,910 37,620 43,740

Indian Registrants (paying in INR)
(Participants from India who are Subsidised by various Govt. initiatives, ILCE & Associated Industry partners)

NOTE*: In view of limited seats, Indian Registrants interested to register for Workshop are requested to send a mail to iglc2018contactus@gmail.com for reserving their seats. Regret on-line Registration for Workshop is NOT available. Early Bird and multiple events registration discounts as applicable on the date of registering for other events or date of applying for Workshop alone will be available if Workshop Day seat is allotted later.

(C) Indian Non Academic Participants / Regular Very Early Bird (upto 28th Feb 2018) [7000]* 8,500 23,000 - - 29,925 -
Early Bird (Upto 31st May 2018) [8000]* 9,500 26,000 - - 33,630 -
Regular (after 31st May 2018) [9000]* 10,500 29,000 - - 37,620 -
(D) ILCE Members Very Early Bird (upto 28th Feb 2018) [6300]* 7,650 20,700 - - 26,933 -
Early Bird (Upto 31st May 2018) [7200]* 8,550 23,400 - - 30,267 -
Regular (after 31st May 2018) [8100]* 9,450 26,100 - - 33,858 -
(E) Indian Faculty Very Early Bird (upto 28th Feb 2018) [5600]* 6,800 18,400 - - 23,940 -
Early Bird (Upto 31st May 2018) [6400]* 7,600 20,800 - - 26,904 -
Regular (after 31st May 2018) [7200]* 8,400 23,200 - - 30,096 -
(F) Indian Students Very Early Bird (upto 28th Feb 2018) [4200]* 5,100 13,800 - - 17,955 -
Early Bird (Upto 31st May 2018) [4800]* 5,700 15,600 - - 20,178 -
Regular (after 31st May 2018) [5400]* 6,300 17,400 - - 22,572 -
(G) PRINTED COPY OF CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS: A limited number of printed copies of the Conference Proceedings comprising papers and posters presented would be available for sale for pre-booked orders only. Cost: INR 3,500.
(H) PACKAGES Rate Per Person
Accompanying Persons Package APP 1: Event Lunch + Event High Tea: 16th July INR 4,500
Accompanying Persons Package APP 2: Event Lunch + Event Dinner: 17th July INR 4,500
Accompanying Persons Package APP 3: Entertainment- 18th and 19th July + Conference Dinner- 19th July INR 5,500
Accompanying Persons Package APP 4: Entertainment- 18th and 19th July + Conference Dinner- 19th July + Lunch - 18th,19th and 20th July INR 12,000
Accompanying Persons Package APP 5: Lunch - 18th / 19th / 20th July INR 2,500 Per Day
  1. Indian Faculty or Students can avail of only one of (D), (E), or (F) above.
  2. For all concessional faculty/ students/ ILCE registrations documentary proof should be uploaded during registration.
  3. Delegate Registration fees include the following: (as applicable for respective events) :
    -Registration kit;Tea/coffee, Lunch every day;WiFi in the Hall;
    -High tea on 16th July; Dinner on 17th July.
    -For Conference only: Flash drive with Conference Proceedings; Conference Souvenir; Conf. Dinner on 19th July; Evening entertainment on 18th,19th July; Late evening Recreation
  4. REFUNDS: Only Registration Fees paid can be refunded to the extent of 50% till 1st JUNE, 2018. After that date none of the payments can be refunded. For full details of the Refund and Cancellation policy and other terms and condiditons, refer links appended in the website footer.
  5. For accompanying person accommodation/ events/ tours/ travels/ airport transfers, please contact our Travel partner Fulcrum Tours & Travels Ltd
  6. For International delegates airport transfers are free; please contact our Travel partner to schedule transfers