"Evolving Lean Construction – Towards Mature Production Management across Cultures and Frontiers"


Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort Hotel Complex

IGLC 2018 is uniquely positioned in India - an Emerging nation, with a vast potential and also a very interesting Destination -- tremendous Diversity yet with Unique Unifiers, vastly varying Landscapes, arresting Visual treats--- a Nation of fascinating Contrasts!!

IGLC 2018 will be held in Chennai, the erstwhile Madras, which is the Portal to South India. The venue is the scenic Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort Hotel Complex, located on the beach nestling the Bay of Bengal. While the city of Chennai is a bustling city home to IT, Industry and a Port, the Conference venue is in its outskirts near the temple town of Maha-bali-puram (known as "Mahabs" to the tourists)-- home to a fascinating collection of stone sculptures from the historic Pallav Dynasty dating back to circa 6th Century. Mahabs is a popular tourist destination, with sea, sand, sculptures and swaying palms!

Apart from well-equipped presentation halls, a large space for displaying Posters will also be available. Table spaces will also be provided for display of Lean construction-related products and services.

route map