"Evolving Lean Construction – Towards Mature Production Management across Cultures and Frontiers"
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A main Objective of holding IGLC in India is to give a fillip to its budding Lean community. While Lean Manufacturing concepts have been around for quite some time in India, Lean construction is just catching on. The Institute for Lean Construction Excellence, ILCE was formed in 2008 to foster Lean construction concepts in India. ILCE has nine leading construction majors from India as its Chartered Members to drive its development. The first Indian Lean Construction Conference, ILCC 2015 which was held in Mumbai hosted around 200 participants, 30 papers, 15 posters and 400 page proceedings. The second conference, ILCC 2017, featured 61 technical presentations over two days in three parallel sessions with the proceedings running to over 525 pages, along with a Technical Workshop and Poster Session. Many leading international Lean experts have visited India for technical programmes: Lauri Koskela, Gregg Howell, Glenn Ballard, Alan Mossman, Carlos Formoso, Iris Tommelein, Rob Raeugh, Bhargav Dave, Lauri Merikallio, Makarand Hastak, etc. Holding IGLC 2018 in India will also be beneficial to the many neighbouring countries in Asia, Africa and Australia, where Lean Construction is still nascent.